Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season


It’s a brand new astrological cycle, Scorpio! And suffice to say, you are more than ready to leave the last one behind. With 2020 shaking and shattering your foundations, you are ready to redefine your relationship to home, and take a deeper look at your origin story.
It’s time to examine the experiences that shaped you, and take inventory of what behavior needs to be left in the past, and what needs to be pushed forward with that staple ambition and focus you wear so well.
You need a cave to retreat to, somewhere private that you can restore your energy and map out global domination. As you ponder themes of home and family, as yourself, what do I need in order to feel secure, safe and nourished? 

With Uranus in your opposite sign of Taurus, your relationships are being shaken up, and fated connections await, challenging you to break free of old patterns and practice spontaneity. The right people are being put in front of you at the right time, so be sure to take advantage of any potential business partnerships or romantic connections that keep you growing. As the resident Sex Goddess of the zodiac, your routines need to be sensual, seductive and deep.

Apply a deep pore mask or exfoliate in the mornings to clear buried dirt, and aid to your mission in transformation. Take some time to send breath to all the different areas of your body, stretch, and pull your attention to your sacral chakra, which is your power center. Deep rich colors like red and blood orange align you with your innate sensuality. 

In the evenings, candle lit baths with Epsom salt and jasmine oil can assist you in cleansing and alchemizing from the stressors of the day. 

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