"The truth is, building a brand is not only hard work, it often doesn’t go as planned. In reality, it can be pretty messy. Picture-perfect founding stories help perpetuate narratives in the beauty industry that it’s never been easier to launch a beauty brand. In fact, this might be true. But what is also true is it’s never been more competitive or required more money to scale a start-up in this category."

— Kelly Kovac Founder @Beautymatterofficial

Our Expertise

Beauty Brand Development & Marketing Services


We create a path to success and an actionable roadmap to excellence.

‣ Sustainability Strategy
‣ Brand Strategy 
‣ Content Strategy
‣ Go Market Strategy


Understanding consumer mindsets is vital for beauty brands as they redefine their why.

‣ Innovative Retail Intelligence 

‣ PO Process

‣ EDI Compliance

‣ Clean Beauty Buyer Introductions


Marketing is the bridge that connects the brand to the consumer.

‣ Email Optimization

‣ Influencer Marketing 

‣ Brand Partnerships

‣ Brand Campaigns

Creative Direction

Beauty content is more significant to a brands presence than ever before.

‣ Visual Storytelling 
‣ Digital Design
‣ Package Design 
‣ Copywriting Across all Mediums 

Product Development

Building brand foundation from inside and out.

‣ Product Innovation & Ideation 

‣ Product Ideation

‣ Packaging Conception

‣ Vendor Relations

Go To Market

Brand-building- because it creates a human connection above all else.

‣ Campaigns & Content
‣ Social & Brand Partnerships
‣ Eco Friendly Sampling Programs 
‣ Bundling Product Opportunities

Our Clean Beauty Retail Partners

"Our culture of kindness, openness, empathy, and the deep intuitive understanding of the beauty category that is our true differentiator”

— Nicole Rourke

The future is in our hands and we can and must do better.

That's Why We Created The Sustainable Resource Service Initiative - Ethereal Visions

Our Clean Beauty Process

"I have been working with Nicole on sustainable packaging and I have to say it has been a joy. She is absolutely amazing to work with and her attention to detail is impeccable not to mention has contagious positivity and energy. When she looks at projects, she really puts sustainability above all which is directly aligned with how I do business as well. Her clear vision makes our projects very streamlined and her openness to sustainable education and different options without cutting corners ensures we portray the mission of the brand through its packaging."

— Adora DeLau - Royal Paper

Ethereal Clean Beauty is a proud member of Pact Collective

What is Pact Collective & Why it Matters

Pact is a non-profit recycling program founded by beauty industry members. It was created to recycle hard-to-recycle beauty packaging PLUS work with packaging designers, brands, and policy makers to make beauty packaging more sustainable overall.

As of now, almost all beauty packaging is non-recyclable in your standard recycling bin. This is where Pact comes in to clean up the mess of irresponsible packaging. 

What we love about Pact

They are not only addressing this end-of-life aspect of packaging but are actively working with the beauty industry to make better packaging – that means no more virgin plastic, no more unrecyclable mixed materials, and no more beauty packaging filling up our landfills.

How does Pact work?

Once a bin at either HBC or Credo Beauty is full, it’s shipped to Pact’s sorting facility where they sort the materials and find the highest and best use for that packaging. Their long-term goal is to create a circular system in the beauty industry so that all beauty packaging can be turned into new beauty packaging.

Finish up your beauty products and clean out any unused product.

Check out Pact’s takeback guidelines to find out if the packaging should be recycled in your standard recycling bin, put in a Pact bin, or thrown in the trash.

Drop off your clean, empty beauty packaging in the Pact Bin at either HBC in Canada or Credo Beauty in the U.S. Bonus - you get points for every empty eligible beauty container you drop off at Credo (up to 12 per visit!)

As of September 8th, you will also be able to ship your clean, empty packaging to Pact’s sorting facility. Click here for more info!

Would you like to do something exceptional?