We are a clean beauty agency.

We develop, create, market, & support clean beauty brands.

Our mission is to create successful, beautiful, purpose-driven brands that shape our future. Whether we are infusing new life into an established brand, or assisting startups looking to stand out, future growth is what we embody.

How it Started

Nicole is a 10 year beauty industry veteran

She’s led product development, branding and marketing  initiatives at leading luxury prestige beauty brands.  Nicole's focus is building meaningful clean beauty brands on the front lines of innovation and purpose. Her expertise lies in the intersection of clean beauty product development and brand strategy. 
As a Mom and entrepreneur she feels a strong responsibility to make beauty that is easy and effective.  She has a deep passion for changing the current beauty industry landscape to be more inclusive and sustainable for her daughter’s future. She believes deeply in the power of people and refining the beauty category to align with the ever shifting universe, one that is more expansive, loving, and accepting. In her spare time she practices and teaches kundalini yoga, a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, and loves helping other female entrepreneurs find their footing through being a beauty/business mentor. 

She founded Ethereal in 2014,

assembled a bicoastal team of creative talent to support the expansion of the clean beauty and demand for clean formulations and more sustainable packaging. She believes in simplified beauty that is built differently with love and intention. 

Would you like to work with Nicole on an upcoming project ?

"I love helping people. And I’m using Ethereal Clean Beauty and my expertise as the means for doing so. Whether it’s a founder looking for launch guidance, an executive team looking for strategic and creative support, or a creative finding their voice, lending an ear or a hand is what gets me up in the morning. And charges me throughout each day."

— Nicole Rourke | Founder

Our Approach

Our stellar team has received recognition as top talent in their fields, but what’s really special about us is how we work. Unlike traditional agencies we curate talent based on a project’s needs. We have a core team that keeps us running at top speed and a global network that gives us access to beauty experts across disciplines and talents. We designed our model to be a creative solution for clean beauty brands.

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