Products we love for solo play - or with a parter

Products we love for solo play - or with a parter

3 of the Most Influential Pleasure Toys You’ll Enjoy Even if You’re In Bed Alone

It’s time to rediscover the exquisite pleasure of solo play. As the colder months may draw you indoors, you’ll have time to try a new recipe, binge watch your favorite shows, and indulge in some quality time with yourself. 

You may be spending more time connecting with your body - something that in our opinion, no one spends enough time doing. In this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, we’re excited to unveil our favorite products that will kindle your desires and ignite your passion for self-care.


Clitoral Climax! 

Just what the Doctor Ordered!  

When we take a stroll through the fascinating world of the clitoris, it's like uncovering a treasure trove of info! Picture this: a bunch of different sources, all agreeing that the clitoris is this super-sensitive, kind of magical organ hanging out at the top of the vulva. You know, the external part of the whole female reproductive shebang. It's like the VIP section of pleasure town! [Source: Research Gate] 🌟✨


What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is a highly sensitive and sexually significant organ located at the upper part of the vulva, which is the external genitalia of the female reproductive system. Despite its relatively small size, the clitoris is densely packed with nerve endings, making it a key player in sexual pleasure and arousal.

Anatomically, the clitoris consists of both external and internal components. The external part, known as the glans, is a small, protruding structure located at the top of the vulva, where the inner labia meet. It is often covered by a hood of skin, called the clitoral hood, which varies in size among individuals.

According to an article published by Cerē, many people think the glans is the entire clitoris, since that's the only part that can be seen. But the clitoris extends beneath the skin's surface. The clitoral bulbs and crura make up the bulk of the organ and fill with blood during sexual arousal, leading to increased sensitivity and pleasure.

The clitoris is considered a primary organ for female sexual pleasure, and its sole function is not solely reproductive. Unlike the penis, which has an external and easily visible structure, the clitoris's complex anatomy was historically not fully understood or acknowledged. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on recognizing the importance of the clitoris in sexual health and well-being. Understanding and appreciating the clitoris is crucial for promoting sexual education, empowering women, and fostering healthy attitudes toward female sexuality.



Are you ready to embark on a journey of heightened pleasure and intimacy? In this exploration of self-indulgence and partner connection, we’re sharing products we love from Cerē, a sexual wellness brand created by physicians with female anatomy in mind.  

Today, we’re going deep with three essential aspects that can transform your intimate play into an unforgettable climax: 

  1. How to increase blood flow to you or your partner’s clitoris with natural elements like Chamomile
  2. A clitoris shaped vibrator designed to fit against the entire clitoris- that is also water safe so you can enjoy it in the bath and shower 
  3. Double sided, 14 mode, medical-grade silicone vibrator that emulates suction and pulsating for a toe-curling sensation


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Sexual pleasure is sexual well-being  

The Truth About Orgasm's 


A Message from Dr. Amir Marashi, Founder of Cerē 

“Cultural norms and habits lead us to view sex as more of a forbidden taboo than basic self-care. A consistent orgasm is like a daily vitamin for physical and mental wellness. It is the highest ceremony of self.” - Dr. Amir Marashi, Founder of Cerē

In this thought-provoking quote, Dr. Amir Marashi, the Founder of Cerē, challenges the societal perception of sex as a taboo subject and instead emphasizes its vital role in overall well-being. Dr, Marashi highlights that our cultural norms often obscure the significance of sexual pleasure and self-care. By drawing a compelling parallel between the consistency of satisfaction can have on both physical and mental health. This perspective encourages us to view sexual pleasure not as a forbidden or indulgent act, but as a fundamental and sacred practice that fosters self-empowerment, connection, and overall wellness. It’s a profound reminder that embracing one’s sexuality and honoring it is an essential aspect of self-fulfillment and self-care.  

 💦 Achieving Sexual Pleasure

Photo Credit: Pexels (Ahha)

Achieving sexual pleasure can vary greatly from person to person, but here are three common ways to reach sexual pleasure: 

  • Self-Stimulation (Masturbation): Self-stimulation, commonly known as masturbation, is a direct and personal way for individuals to experience sexual pleasure. It involves exploring your own body, understanding what feels pleasurable, and using various techniques such as hand stimulation with the use of gels. With different styles of vibrators, you can surely reach multiple orgasms and satisfaction that can relieve stressors from the day
  • Intimate Partnerships: Sexual pleasure can be found in intimate relationships through foreplay, sexual intercourse, and shared exploration of desires. Good communication and mutual understanding with your partner is essential so both of you experience pleasure and satisfaction. Pump a generous amount of intimacy gel on your external areas and have fun.
  • Erotic Fantasies and Imagination: Erotic fantasies and imaginative role-play can stimulate sexual pleasure. Mental stimulation and the power of imagination play a significant role in enhancing sexual experiences, whether in solo play or with a partner

    What To Not Overlook 

    The first pleasure product we hold in high regard is Enchantment Gel by Cerē. This award-winning intimacy gel is formulated with yummy, natural components such as Chamomile to relax the muscles, making climax easier, and I-arginine and L-citrulline to heighten blood flow and intensify pleasure. Supported by a medical study where they observed the effects of the gel using ultrasound, they saw noticeable blood flow increased to the clitoris. The enchantment gel is suitable for all genders, guaranteeing an enjoyable and enhanced experience for everyone!

    Experiment with Different Techniques 

    The enchantment gel can intensify sensations. While exploring solo, try different techniques and find what works best for you. Experimentation can lead to a more fulfilling and exciting self-pleasure experience. 


    Not the typical Vibrator  

    The second product we’ve been enjoying is the Lalalena. Designed with a focus on the female body, this vibrator takes on the shape of the clitoris, a departure from the typical phallic design often seen in sex toys. The toy is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in a warm shower or bubble bath. Its unique shape provides comprehensive stimulation, conforming to the entire clitoral area, not just the glands! 

    A Spell of Stimulation 

    Finally, this product has us obsessed. It’s the “Spellbound Stimulator" by Cerē. This dreamy double-sided toy does it all with a range of sensations. On one side, it uses pulsation and suction using air wave technology, featuring seven different suction options for an exhilarating experience. On the other side, insertion gives G-spot stimulation with seven adjustable vibration settings. The “Spellbound Stimulator” is easily adjustable to suit the contours of your body, making sure you hit the spot you’re looking for. 


    Open Mindedness

    Be open to exploring your body, desires, and experiences. Be willing to try new things with your partner and consider different perspectives of sexual pleasure. 

    Whether you choose to experience these products on your own or share them with a partner, there’s no incorrect way to indulge in the delightful offerings by Cerē.


    We encourage you to give them a try and share your experiences with us in the comments


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