How Amazon Is Changing Beauty

How Amazon Is Changing Beauty

The evolving world of beauty is always making waves. 2020 literally shifted everything from the way consumers do their beauty routines to the way they purchase their most desired products. The unprecedented e-commerce movement allowed online retailers like Amazon to become "go to destination " for all things beauty. In 2020 alone, Amazon captured 32 percent of all beauty and skin care bought online with $23 billion in total sales, a 45 percent increase over 2019. In 2021 Amazon continues to rise as a key player in the retail beauty space as less people are shopping in stores and the convenience of Amazon accommodates and satisfies our immediate gratification complex.  Here are some key trends we are seeing across beauty categories.


Consumers are looking for super ingredients from Retinol, BHA, glacic acid, caffeine and collagen. A rise in green tea and natural ingredients like turmeric are also seeing a spike. The body is also getting alot of action from body oils, to serums, to exfoliating caffeine induced creams the body cream category is growing.


Wellness :

Health is wealth and consumers are taking their self care routines super seriously and we are here for it! The rise of self care supplements from gut health, to inflammation, to mood boosters and female sex drive enhancers. Consumers are looking for everything from ashwagandha and turmeric to  algae, with the top-trending ingredient being chlorophyll, our personal fav!


Shiney locks and scalp health are the key to healthy hair.Consumers are focusing on reversing damage and taking care of their hair from roots to ends. Reparative products such as scalp scrubs, anti-frizz serum, damaged hair oil, and leave-in conditioner have been the go-to’s for keeping hair healthy and fresh this year. Long hair is also having a moment, products such as hair growth serums  and extensions are becoming increasingly popular. People are also starting to have a lot more fun with their hair with hits such as silk scrunchies, wigs, and hair accessories as people look for ways to style their hair and add more personality to their looks.

More Beauty Brands Present on Amazon Then Ever

The Amazon marketplace has come a long way to provide the right type of experience consumers are looking for — convenient shipping, seamless returns, excellent customer service and more. As consumer behavior evolves, it’s evident that Amazon in the beauty space will only continue to grow. Premium  beauty brands like Tachta, La Mer, Vegamour, Armani Beauty, Peter Thomas Roth, and even celebrity brands like Keys Soul Care By Alicia Keys  have included Amazon in their e-commerce approach.

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