The Risks of Ignoring Consent

The Risks of Ignoring Consent

Why it’s Never Okay to Skip Communication

There’s nothing better than amazing, consensual sex with a partner, right? The feeling of being truly connected with another person, creating something equally enjoyable and intimate between the both of you. Even if you’re in an established relationship, consent is something you need before having sex, always. But how do you know you’re asking for consent? We’re here to give you our tips and tricks to make sure you’re respecting your partner’s boundaries and making sure consent is always on the table.


Don’t get it Twisted: Consensual Sex is the Best Kind of Sex 

Asking for consent is one of the hottest things you can do before involving yourself with another person. Really, we mean it! Telling your partner or potential partner that you care about their wellbeing and are asking for consent throughout your time together will leave them feeling comfortable and confident. Here are some other benefits to asking for consent: 

  • Asking for consent will help you maintain a healthy relationship! 
  • It encourages open communication between you and your partner.
  • It can start a dialogue for what you and your partner’s boundaries are.



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How to Make Sure Consent is Present, and How to Ask for it! 

So, you want to make sure consent is present and given throughout the time you spend with your partner. Perfect! We have some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when spending intimate time with your partner.

  • The “yes” should be enthusiastic: We don’t mean that you and your partner should both be jumping up and down excited to have sex (maybe you are, we don’t judge), but there should be clear “yes’s” given throughout your time together, indicating this is something you still both want to do. A nod or a “maybe” does NOT COUNT, and if you’re wondering if you should continue after getting a nod or a maybe, talk to your partner to figure out if that’s something you both still want to do. 
  • Just because a “yes” is given once, doesn’t mean “yes” is given for everything: This is a big one; just because your partner says yes (enthusiastically) for one sexual act, that does not mean they’re consenting to another. Make sure you ask for enthusiastic yes’s for EVERY act you do with your partner. 
If one of you is intoxicated, consent cannot be given: This one is extremely important. If your partner is under the influence of a substance, they CANNOT give consent or participate in sexual acts. This goes both ways as well, if you are under the influence of a substance, as much as you may want to, you CANNOT give your 
  • full consent to participate in a sexual act with your partner if they are not under the influence.

  Consent can be taken away at any time: One of the most important rules of consent, it can be taken away at any time. For example, let’s say you get hungry and want to have a snack, and you take the time preparing your snack and by the time you sit down in front of it, you aren’t hungry for it anymore. You wouldn’t eat the snack if you didn’t want to, would you? The same thing goes for consent. You may be currently doing things with your partner, and they may decide they want to stop, or you decide you want to stop. Both are perfectly okay, and both are perfectly valid things to bring up to your partner or to you. 

Consent is extremely important in any relationship, and you and your partner both have the right to take away or give consent at any time. Opening a dialogue of communication between you and your partner about consent is the perfect way to build a closer connection, and to create a strong sexual relationship as well. It’s extremely important to remember that consent should be an enthusiastic yes, and it should be said audibly. We hope that you take these tips and tricks with you when practicing safe, consensual sex with your partner! 




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